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Electric Violins vs. Acoustic Violins

Electric Violins vs. Acoustic Violins

The improvement in different technologies are mind-blowing, the making of different type of violin is one of the more prominent advancement. Electric guitars are preferred in large numbers when compared to the acoustic ones, classical music, 19th-century satire, and renaissance arts, etc. are exchanged for Spotify singles, pop art, and skit comedies.

Electric Violin Vs. Acoustic Violins

In this article, let’s check in detail regarding the electric and acoustic violins in depth. There is number of orchestral instruments replaced with electronic items. Most of the street players have used the amplification and effect pedals in their bowed performances.

Electric violin provides the hip and the fresh feel, they also encourage many of them to try because of the classical music relevance found within them, but electric violins are entirely different from the acoustic counterparts.

When considering an Acoustic violin, they are capable of making modern beats and can be operated in-studio sessions; the acoustic violins cannot be looped quickly when compared with the electric ones, explore top 10 best violins from here.

Which type of Violin is Better?

Acoustic violins are in the world since the sixteenth century and have captured many of the users with their counterpart actions like training methods, paintings, symphonies, concertos, etc. The original and first type of violin was started in the 1600s when renowned composers namely Antonio Vivaldi and J.S Bacho expand the horizons of a wide range of performers and listeners.

They also expounded on the capability of the instruments, they have obliged the used and players to use it a dramatic feel and with full cords & frequent strings to achieve the perfect and accurate music and sounds. The progressions and harmonic structure are developed in an ideal way and beautiful as themselves to bring out the skills and efforts of the ambitious players.

Acoustic Violins

The Violins are designed to provide the traditional look along with the hollow body, and they produce a huge sound. Most of the acoustic violins are made of wood, and the music is created through the f-hole which is present on either side of the violins. Acoustic violins do not need any qualifications.

Why Choose Acoustic Violins?

To get the accurate and real sound of a violin, you need to stick with the acoustic violins. Most of the beginners and even teachers prefer to choose the acoustic violins as they are considered to be the best violin with better quality. The correct feel of the instrument can be achieved more comfortable with this acoustic ones, the price of the acoustic violins range from cheaper to expensive ones, you can choose the desired one as per your budget.

The Acoustic violin when performed in the orchestral settings, the traditional school, and recital performances can be simple, and they have the upper hand to have the resonant and brighter sound.

Another essential reason why players stick with Acoustic violins is that you need not carry the amplifications with you, the setup and assembly are made accessible so that you need to wait for a long time to play the violin.

Few Limitations of Acoustic Violins

If you are looking for violin with high amplification and sounds, then acoustic violin cannot be the best bet, you can amplify them, but they take more time for the setup, and there is no chance for any creative and unique tone options when compared to the Electric Violins.

Electric Violins

The solid body construction with more creativity and artificial sound are the Electric Violins, and they are reliably high when compared to the Acoustic counterparts. The amplification of the Electric violin is done through the jack output and using the headphone amp silent practice can be obtained.

Why Choose Electric Violins?

If you need a violin with more contemporary music genres like rock, classical, jazz, etc. then you need to prefer to choose the electric violin without any confusions. The creative features along with thousands of successful experiments over the extended range of values are the main reason why players prefer electric violins.

The amplification can be done jack to jack instruction cable or by using the headphone amp which built-in inside the violin which makes the silent practice. There are loop and effect pedals which can be used for the backing track and for obtaining wide sound ranges and other options.

Amplification and recording are made more accessible and there are many types of eye-catching, ideal electric violins on the spin. They are quieter when compared to the muted acoustic, and some of them are designed to produce no sound.

Few Drawbacks of Electric Violins

If you are just the beginner of playing the instrument, then Electric violin will not be the right pick, you need to prefer acoustic violins for learning. The reason is that electric violins do not produce resonant and bright sound when compared to the acoustic ones as the sound travel through technology and wires instead of the hollow body made of wood.

The tinny sound produced will not be suitable for practicing, and they are also not the right type for any traditional environment which indulges classical music.

Electro-Acoustic Violins

If you have complications in choosing the two medium of electric and acoustic violins, then you can try out the Electro-Acoustic violins which are considered to the happy medium. They are designed to be the combination of traditional and modern look with creative options and opportunities for producing excellent sounds.

Electro-Acoustic violins are developed to be traditionally crafted along with the hollow body and also include the options for amplifications through jack output, but they are not capable of offering silent practice with the headphones.

The Electroacoustic violins are best for students and the beginners, also open to amplifications, different effects, original experiments, etc. They are also developed to use in various settings and environments.

Final Thoughts

Hope the above-detailed view on both the different types of Electric Violins and Acoustic Violin provided a clear idea of choosing the best one for your need.

Any ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on Electric Violin vs. Acoustic Violin are welcome.

What type of Violins do you prefer to be the best bet? Share your experience with the violin through the comment section below.


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