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What are the Different Types of Violin?

What are the Different Types of Violin?

The acoustic string instrument that is developed using high-quality wood is termed as Violin, they are considered to be a user-friendly instrument and comes in different sizes, shapes, etc. based on the players.

We have checked out various details regarding the violins in the previous articles, in the line today we are going to check out the different type of violins available in the market.

Child Sized Violins

While considering the various violin styles for children, there are many sizes available.

  • 1/16 violins are supposed to be the best option for the children with the arm length 14 to 15 3/8 inches.
  • ⅛ violins are best for the children with arm length 17.1 to 17.5 inches.
  • 15 ⅜ to 17 inches arm length children will need 1/10 violin.
  • ¼ violins are best for the violinist with arm length between 17.6 to 20 inches.

Adult Sized Violins

Large size violins are the best option for small adults, older children’s and general adults based on their size. ½ violins would be the right pick for the people who have 20 to 22 inches arm length, 22 to 23.5 inches will be best with the ¾ violin. Arm length of 23.5 inches and more can go with 4/4 violin for the best performance. This would be the best size of violin used by the adults and teenager.

Acoustic Violins

The violins of this type are considered to be the traditional violins and best to be chosen by the beginners and violin starters. This is derived to be the smallest instrument and also capable of processing highest ton with ease. This type of violins can achieve the best music without in need of any extra equipment. This type of violins are also referred to as the non electric violin and can be used based on the size and the players.

Electric Violins

To create bold and higher sound, this type of electric violins depends on the electronic signal output, unlike the previous acoustic type. The advanced and expert in violinist can prefer to choose this electric violins and the sound created by this very sharp when compared to the acoustic violins. The louder sound is possible when combined with any amplifier equipment and therefore preferred by most of the violinist.

Period Violins

Few violins are differentiated based on the origination of the periods; you can check out a shallower angle and neck in a baroque type of violins. You can find the strings for this kind of violins are made of strung and gut with tensions for the best performance. Smaller heels and thinner necks will be located in classical violins.

The violins are differentiated by their size, time periods and by genre. While considering size, we have already checked out the different sizes available above in depth. Fiddle and five string violins are the best types of violin when you take it by genres.

Stroh violin, electric & semi electric violin, Pre-Baroque Stringed Instruments, Baroque Violin and Modern violin or the Acoustic violin are some of the violin types when getting differentiated by time periods.

Bottom Line

Hope the above guide on the different type of violin helped you to choose the right kind of violin for your needs.

Any ideas, thoughts, and suggestions on the different type of violins are welcome.

What type of violin do you use? Share your experience with us through the comment section below.


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