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How to Choose the Best Violins for You?

How to Choose the Best Violins for You?

Violins are different types, and their price starts from low to high dollars, choosing the best one can be tricky. You need to research more to purchase the best one in your budget; this research will involve the musical style, skill level, size, etc.

Today we are going to check out the three principal ways you need to check out while picking the best violin for you.

Purchasing a Violin with good quality

Know how to get the best type of violin with good quality for the excellent performance and longevity.

How to choose the style of the Violin?

  • If you are a beginner, it’s necessary you choose a student violin for the perfect learning as they are made of less and cheaper woods and are machine made instead of hands. The price may range from $50 to $900 and would be the perfect for starters.
  • Investing a high amount in the violin as a starter is never a good idea.
  • Intermediate violin would be the right pick if you have little experience on playing the violin for few years, if you feel you need an improved sound and quality in your instrument, then you can go with these intermediate violins. The price would cost around $1000.
  • Are you an advanced violin expert? If so you need some professional violin, these type of violins are developed using hands with the help of premium quality woods. The price would cost thousands of dollars, and they are worth it.
  • If you love to play folk and classical music, then you need to adapt for the acoustic violin as they can create rounded and warm tones.
  • Most of the acoustic violins come with an amplifier.
  • You can go with electric violins if you need to play jazz or rock music, these violins amplified the sound and built-in pickups for the raw and brighter sound when compared to the acoustic violin.

How to pick the right size for Violin?

There are few methods through which you will be able to check out the right size of violin you will need.

  • Are you around 11 years? Then you can go with 4/4 violins that can be perfect for the age range; full-size violin would be the right pick for the ones who are above eleven years old.
  • In case of children, you need to measure their arm length to check out which size of the violin will be the best, you can identify it by asking them to extend their arm straight out.
  • You can rent a violin if your child is not grown. Still, you can check out the right size and therefore grab a one later after they develop.

How to choose the perfect quality of best Violins?

Once you are clear on the violin types, sizes, etc. you need to examine and measure the quality, here are few tips for reviewing your violin type before getting them.

  • Before making the purchase, test it by playing them. There are individual rooms for testing in some specific shops so that you can feel the right tone, music, and feel.
  • Make sure you have a musician, music teacher or a friend along with you while examining so that they can hear and share their views on the violin sound.
  • Check out whether there are any cracks as you need to spend more money to repair it, apart from that the impact of the quality also gets reduced.
  • You need to check for the side of the violin and ribs for bulging, in this case, it means the wood is not treated correctly.
  • The next step is to check the bridge, whether they are curved adequately. Most of the violin bridge will be rounded so that they allow to play any single or multiple strings easily during the same time. The flat bridge doesn’t have these option, so go with the rounded ones.
  • Check the materials, what type of wood the violin is made of. Go for the violins that are made of spruce woods along the sides, backs, and necks.
  • Make sure the antique violin has the authentication certificate before purchasing it.

Final thoughts

Hope the above guide to choosing the right violins will help you in picking the best one for your needs.

Any ideas, thoughts, and queries on the violins are welcome.

What type of Violin do you use? Share us in the comment section below.


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